Ali Admin replied

69 weeks ago

The linkshell is currently selling either full clears for Aeonic Weapons or specific NMs for clears on an individual basis. Prices on the clears are not negotiable as it takes a number of LS member's time to do these. Prices for each NM/set of clears varies based on difficulty of the NM. The linkshell will supply all the pop items for the NMs, 50k Beads to buy the KI will not however be assisted with and you need to have the KI in your possession prior to NM clears commencing. It should be noted that the price is for clears only and doesn't entitle you to any drops from the NMs.

If you are interested in buying clears, can send a PM to either Alibeemac or Devilmaycry on these forums or in game for prices.
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